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Artist: Eric Ranveau
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 30''x 60''


Bidding on this artwork will take place at the Live Auction event, Friday, April 5. Tickets available at the link at dvsa.ca. Absentee bids can also be placed in advance – request a form at the school office or email bid@dvsa.ca.


About This Piece
As a human being, before anything else, I belong to nature. That specific day in Algonquin Park reminded me of that, right after my first step in the park. 


This place is a sanctuary that brings humans back to their place. A place that we should never have left. A place where you don’t only see colours and shapes but, if you are as sensitive as an artist can be, you can, first of all, feel them deep inside. 


This painting is not only a piece of art but it is also a tribute to show the viewers the respect I have for nature.


Eric Ranveau was born in 1966 in Chateauneuf-sur-Charente near the wine district of Cognac, France, and raised in Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire. He studied fine arts in Angouleme, France, and at the National Art School of Paris, France. His career as an artist started in 1989; his unique style attracted the public eye and allowed him to establish a following and to have collections represented in France, Canada, Germany, and Sweden. Eric left Cognac in 2006, came to Canada, his wife’s native country, and with a new perspective and influence from Canada has continued his art career in Hamilton, Ontario. His unique style of work was immediately embraced by art communities, which afforded him many opportunities to be approached by recognized galleries and art collectors.


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